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MAGNA 2021

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  • Make sure you select your category from the drop down box on this page BEFORE proceeding to the questions. The category selection will change what questions are shown on subsequent pages. If you would like to view the questions beforehand, you can download the 2021 Questions

  • Reference to specific actions undertaken in the development of your project based on recommendations in First Peoples: A Roadmap for Enhancing Indigenous Engagement in Museums and Galleries, or the UN Sustainable Development Goals are encouraged.

  • Be mindful of spelling and grammatical accuracy. Pay attention to details such as capitalising 'Indigenous' or 'Aboriginal'.

  • Make sure to write out any acronyms in full in the first instance

  • Dot points and lists are acceptable where appropriate

  • If you go over the stated word limit you will not be able to save your entry. Make sure you stick to the word limits.